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     Principles and Values Leadership Institute, Inc.® (“Institute” or “PVLI”) has been established to teach and promote the tenants of positive leadership and values, to cultivate leadership talent and to assist in the development and creation of positive organizational environments where ideas and progressive thought can flourish. Principles and Values Leadership Institute, Inc.® was organized in the State of Michigan as a Non-Profit Corporation and founded as an independent adjunct to Phi Eta Psi Fraternity, Inc.® and will provide leadership education and training for its members. In addition, PVLI will make available its vast repository of leadership and consulting experience, knowledge and services to a variety of other entities that may benefit from the offered services.

     PVLI will utilize the resources, experience and wide ranging expertise of some of the most knowledgeable people in the nation. The Institute will encourage and promote leadership skills and tenants through meaningful professional instruction. PVLI shall make its services available to a variety of entities, including but not limited to:

• Community and civic organizations
• Churches and religious organizations
• Corporations and other business entities
• University and colleges
• Primary and secondary educational institutions
• Municipalities and other governmental entities
• Fraternity organizations

     The ability to guide, direct and influence are required to be an effective and successful leader.  The Phi Eta Psi Leadership Institute is dedicated to task of preparing, assisting and inspiring the leaders of today and future leaders of tomorrow.   The institute shall also provide mentorship to youth, with emphasis on those youth that are “at risk”, based on social and/or economic status.

Institute Strategic Alliances

The Institute will employ the highest level of expertise and resources to deliver result-driven outcomes, through available strategic alliances. These strategic alliances include institutions of higher learning, corporate and community leaders and leading industry experts.

Key PVLI Personnel

Rob Lebow is a key Institute partner, Director of Curriculum and Board Member of PVLI. Mr. Lebow is considered one of the world’s leading experts in leadership training, coaching, mentoring and organizational change and development for organizational wellness and excellence. Rob Lebow may be best known for his role and tenure with MICROSOFT®. Lebow helped lead the Marketing Communications and Public Relations teams that brought the WINDOWS® operating system/platform to the world. He was also involved in the launch of over 47software and hardware products while at MICROSOFT®, including PowerPoint® and Excel® during his career in the technology industry.

   For over twenty years, Rob Lebow headed LCI (Lebow Company, Inc.), an organization operating on five continents, dedicated “to creating a people-based ‘operating system’ as a new global standard for the work environment.” In 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 Leadership Excellence Magazine named Lebow “One of the Top 100 Thought Leaders in the World”; and ranked his LCI (Lebow Company, Inc.) one of the “Top Leadership Training Organizations in America” over multiple years.  


     Rob Lebow is a published author of six books. Included is his 300,000+ Best Seller, A Journey into the Heroic Environment, which is in its Third Edition published by SelectBooks™ – New York and has become a “must read” business-classic. The book has been published in six languages including Japanese, and a 28-minute business-movie of the same title is available from Trainers ToolChest™.

   Dan Cook will serve as the Director of Instruction for PVLI. Mr. Cook is a senior engineer with Saudi ARAMCO Information Technology (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia). During his 21 year career with ARAMCO, Cook oversaw and directed operations in both the IT and Finance Divisions of ARAMCO.  

     Through LCI, Mr. Cook became a Certified Shared Values® Training Facilitator. Shared Values® is the systematic development of a values management system. He led the ARAMCO IT Continuing Excellence program, utilizing the Shared Values® system. Cook is currently a Doctorial Candidate at Oxford University.

     Rob Lebow and Dan Cook have been engaged in work surrounding areas of values, job design and systems thinking.

     Gary D. Martin is Grand Archigeus (President) of the Phi Eta Psi Fraternity, Inc.® Grand Chapter, the fraternity governing body. He will provide operational oversight and direction of PVLI. Mr. Martin is President, Executive Director and a Board Director. Under Rob Lebow, Martin became a Certified Shared Values® Training Facilitator in March 2005. The same year, he joined The Great American Automobile Experience, an LCI affiliate company and was named Senior Associate and then Executive Vice President. In late 2006, Martin became a member of the LCI team and named to the position of Executive Vice President.

     Mr. Martin has worked with various non-profit organizations in the past, including the Area Office on Aging of Northwest Ohio, serving on the Board of Trustees and as Treasurer. He also served on the Board of Trustees for Housing Directions of Greater Toledo. He has recently been named to Hope for Families Charities, Board of Directors.

Currently, Gary Martin is a national sales and training consultant to the automotive industry.

Board of Directors


Principles & Values Leadership Institute, Inc.® was incorporated in the State of Michigan, as a Non-Profit corporation on January 15, 2013. It has elected a Board of Directors that share in the goals and objectives of PVLI.


Gary D. Martin, President & Executive Director / Board of Directors

Lance D. Porter, Secretary / Board of Directors

Stephen G. Johnson, Treasurer / Board of Directors

Rob Lebow, Director of Curriculum / Board of Directors

James B. Humphrey, Board of Directors

Charlesfontaine Macon, D. Min., Board of Directors

Franklin D. Preston, Board of Directors

It is the intent of PVLI to increase the Board of Directors to be more inclusive and diverse in its makeup, to more accurately reflect society and those we wish to serve. This will include the representation of women.


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