hendrix2Who would have thought that an Emmy® Award winning photojournalist with a stellar television career spanning over twenty-three years would leave to become an entrepreneur?   That is exactly what Hendrix Nowells did. Known by his fraternity brothers as “Drox”, Hendrix Nowells is a member of Phi Eta Psi-Delta Chapter and a graduate of Eastern Michigan University with a B.S. degree in Television, Film & Radio. While pursuing his degree, Hendrix could not put aside his passion and love for cars.

Mr. Nowells is now the President and owner of BangaStang, LLC
®. Founded in California in 2008, the company is involved in manufacturing and selling aftermarket automotive accessories, and vehicle customization primarily for the Ford Mustang GT® and Mustang Shelby® edition.


Prior to the formation of BangaStang®, Hendrix had an extremely successful career in television. He began as a producer/director with a Detroit area cable television network and then further honed his photo and video journalism skills with PBS, Fox TV, CBS and NBC. He spent time as part of the White House news bureau. During his career, he covered a variety of noted personalities, including Bill Cosby, late jazz greats Lionel Hampton and Joe Williams, South Africa President Nelson Mandela, musician Phil Collins and actor James Earl Jones.

Nowells went on to become a winner of the most prestigious Emmy® Award. In addition, he has been honored by the Associated Press, the National Association of Black Journalists, the San Diego Press Club and the Society of Professional Journalists.

Nowells initially struggled in this new venture, experiencing the pains that many entrepreneurial enterprises face. He fought through the issues and reached out to a long time friend and fraternity brother for advice. “Don’t just sell parts, build your own cars”, he was told. “You can become the next Roush, Carroll Shelby or Chip Foose!”  

Hendrix took the advice. He built the “Hell Snake”, a custom 2010 Mustang Shelby GT. The Hell Snake was an instant hit, winning first place awards at every car show it has appeared. It has received such notoriety that it earned a feature story and cover of Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Magazine-February 2013.muscle mag


Hendrix Nowells experienced one of his greatest gratifying moments when Cleo Shelby, widow of legendary racing and auto design icon Carroll Shelby, drove and autographed the dash of the Hell Snake. Carroll Shelby is the father of the legendary Shelby Cobra and the Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500.

 When asked her opinion about the Hell Snake, Cleo Shelby was quoted as saying, “Gosh, it’s the attention to detail…its not one particular thing…I could go on and on! I love it. The car just stands out…when you are walking by the row of cars, it just pops. I just love it!” Cleo Shelby’s interview with the Hell Snake can be seen on YouTube.

cleoNowells stated of his decision to start his own business, “I hope that I can inspire other brothers to have the courage to pursue their own dreams.”

Phi Eta Psi Fraternity congratulates Brother Hendrix “Drox” Nowells and looks for continued success.

Learn more about BangaStang, LLC®. Visit:

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