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We are on the quest to become “The Greatest Fraternity in the World!”sm



PHI ETA PSI FRATERNITY, INC. is firmly committed to achieving the highest of standards as a fraternal brotherhood and for its individual members. We embrace the premise that believes that one can achieve what one can conceive. Phi Eta Psi is resolute in its drive toward excellence.

     Since our inception in 1965, Phi Eta Psi has been driven with a profound sense of purpose. The purpose of Phi Eta Psi Fraternity, Inc. is to encourage and promote the academic, economic, leadership, brotherhood and social cultural growth of all people. It is to this end that our mission and vision is anchored.



    We have an unalterable belief that academic achievement and scholarship provide the foundations for life, economic and career success. Phi Eta Psi fosters academic success and promotes scholastic accomplishment with its members. We provide encouragement and support for educational exceptionalism. Through our membership, we strive to bolster and enhance the entire collegiate educational experience and encourage all to pursue levels of higher education. Phi Eta Psi shall support, assist, motivate and provide guidance to our members in pursuit of their educational goals.



     Brotherhood is the cornerstone of our Fraternity. It is through this everlasting brotherhood and fellowship that our eternal bond is anchored. Phi Eta Psi has been the catalyst for many young men to kindle true life-long friendships. Brothers of Phi Eta Psi Fraternity truly have love, care and concern for one another. We believe and embrace the adage the “we are our brother’s keeper”. These tenants are fostered and reinforced through social interaction, networking, fellowship, and fraternal rituals. Faith in our brothers and concern for their wellbeing are key elements of our Fraternal Brotherhood. Phi Eta Psi shall encourage, uplift, nurture and assist all of its members in the true and undying spirit of fraternal love.



     Leaders are sometimes born, but more often than not they are made, cultivated and developed. We believe that leaders and leadership are integral and required to insure the success of any organization, institution, fraternal organization or society. Phi Eta Psi has and shall continue to cultivate and develop leaders and embrace the notion that leadership is a prized attribute. The quality and content of one’s character is often evaluated on their values, morals, personal conduct and standards of behavior. Personal dignity and respect for others are hallmarks of positive leadership.

   Becoming a real leader requires that one is equipped with a variety of attributes. We strive to equip our brothers with the necessary components that will allow them to become positive role models and effective leaders. We hold our members to a higher standard of social conduct and demand that they show themselves to be positive examples of how men are to conduct themselves.   Phi Eta Psi develops and promotes sound decision-making skills, life preparation, proper goal setting, spiritual growth and social conduct above reproach.

     Integrity, sound ethical behavior and commitment are key components in assessing one’s character. We believe that one’s own actions will speak to their true character. The character of a true leader will speak loud and clear. Phi Eta Psi builds leaders.



       Phi Eta Psi was founded with the goal of being a social service fraternal organization. Helping others is not only noble but rendering service to the community and its people, university and our fellow brothers is our responsibility.

     We continue to provide assistance and help to deserving community projects and people where ever the need is able to be met. Whether it is manpower or through financial contribution and assistance, Phi Eta Psi is committed to making the world we live in a better place.

     As pledged in the Phi Eta Psi Fraternity Constitution, this Fraternity shall exist to provide service to any individuals who seek serene resolution to eliminate cultural conflict. In addition, we stress and encourage multicultural social interaction.


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