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Phi Eta Psi Fraternity, Inc. Anti-Hazing Policy


There is a “zero tolerance”of hazing by any member of Phi Eta Psi Fraternity, Inc.   Hazing, pledging, pledge “lines,” pre-pledge “lines” or post-intake hazing are strictly prohibited and deemed unlawful by this Fraternity. (See: Standing Order #002-08-10)


WHEREAS the definition of hazing has been held to include any action taken or situation created that involves or results in abusive, physical contact or mutual harassment of a prospective Phi Eta Psi member; and that any such action is considered hazing, whether it occurs on or off the Fraternity premises, campus or place where chapters or prospective members meet: and that hazing has also been described to include any action that results in excessive mutual or physical discomfort, embarrassment or harassment; that such activities include, but are not limited to paddling, creation of excessive fatigue, physical or psychological shock, morally degrading or humiliating activities, late work sessions that interfere with scholastic activities and any other activities inconsistent with fraternal law and regulations and policies of the affiliated educational institution and federal, state or local law; and


WHEREAS such illegal conduct is inimical to the principles for which Phi Eta Psi stands and fails to foster respect for fellow members or preserve human dignity. Violation of this policy shall be subject to penalties specified in Article XII, Section 4 of the Phi Eta Psi Fraternity Inc. Constitution (Amended: January 30, 2011). Any violation of Article XII


See national anti-hazing statutes


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